The race: Theres nothing like racing in your own back yard and sleeping in your own bed the night of a race. I had raced Boulder in 2013 and come away with 3rd. The course is fast, hot and obviously at 5450 feet. If you dont know how this feels, wear a snorkel next time you race. The players: Kevin Collington (USA), Joe Gambles (AUS), Paul Matthews (AUS), Ben Hoffman (USA), James Seear (AUS), Greg Bennet (AUS), Richie Cunningham (AUS) and Tim Don (GBR). The outcome: I exited the water with the lead group which included all the main players with the exception of Hoffman. Gambles was feeling unsociable and started dropping bombs from mile 1. The remainder of the group rode solid, but continued to bleed out time to a flying Gambles. Gambles had taken the race from us. Kudos to him. To win these days, you need to do something remarkable…Continue Reading
The race: Raleigh fitted in nicely with my schedule as it was two weeks before Boulder 70.3 and I was coming off a good block of training. I headed to North Carolina confident after a good result in Wildflower. The players: Lionel Sanders (CAN), Matt Chrabot (USA), Paul Ambrose (AUS), Sam Douglas (AUS), Eric Limkemann (USA), Timo Bract (GER). The outcome: The pace was on from the get go with former ITU star Chrabot and Limkemann dropping it like its hot from the gun. They exited the swim with a small lead over Douglas and myself. More importantly, we had distanced ourselves from uber bike runner Sanders, and German powerhouse Bracht (2014 Challenge Roth winner. Heading into the run, the two lads up front had extended their advantage to 4mins, I was in no mans land flying Hans Solo airlines, and was about to be joined by Sanders. We started the run off together,…Continue Reading