The race: This is my first time out to Sonoma Valley, California. It reminded me a lot of home, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, a beautiful wine growing region. The race always attracts at top class field, due to the accessibility, hospitality and attractive prize purse. The players:  Matt Reed (USA), Tim Berkel (AUS), Tim Don (GBR), Luke Bell (AUS), Tim Reed (AUS) and Paul Matthews (AUS). The outcome: I exited at the back of the lead swim group which consisted of almost all of the main players. Almost. The good news was that we had created separation from Jesse Thomas (USA), Tim Berkel (AUS) and Jordan Rapp (USA). A mere 45’s, but our group had enough horse power, if we all committed, put our heads down and rode hard. That we did. The bike group largely stayed together with the exception of Reed who took the race into his own hands and rode…Continue Reading