First published on Triathlete Magazine He may have a reputation as one of triathlon’s funniest personalities thanks to his “Cupcakes with Cal” video series, but New Zealand’s Callum Millward is also a talented half-Ironman athlete who came from an ITU background. This bike workout, which he calls his “race week special,” was designed by his coach Mat Steinmetz to use as a final tune-up before an event. “[It’s used to] blow out the pipes, generally on a Wednesday of race week,” Millward says. “It can be done with race wheels to make it more race-specific.” Callum Millward’s “Race Week Special” Workout Warm-up 20 min easy Main Set 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (minutes) at half-Ironman race pace effort with full recovery Cool-down Short, as necessary Photo: Darryl Carey