This past weekend I lined up for my first Ironman at the Asia Pacific Champs in Melbourne. I was paddling my canoe into uncharted waters and doing my best to avoid going over the falls and down sh#t creek. I felt I had done my research, spent countless hours picking others brains and drawing on current and past athletes experience at the Ironman distance. On the whole, I had a great day, coming in 6th in 8:14. The plan was to stay relatively conservative and enjoy the day as much as possible. This was on track until 19km into the run when I felt like I began carrying a grand piano…with Elton John playing “Don’t go breaking my heart”. Its funny how one minute you can be feeling good, and the next minute, your’e wondering if you’ll even finish. Arguably the field wasn’t as deep as past years, but in saying that, when…Continue Reading