First published on Triathlete Magazine by Mat Steinmetz. Expert bike fitter Mat Steinmetz walks us through the bike fit of Ironman 70.3 Boulder champion Callum Millward of New Zealand, who is preparing to take on the Ironman World Championship for the first time this fall. I’ve been working with Callum Millward on his bike position for the last two seasons. The goal of this session was to improve two fit-related items. The first item was to re-evualute a functional leg length discrepancy (LLD) that originates at the pelvis. A functional LLD means that the bones in the legs are the same length, but because of some sort of pelvic obliquity, the legs appear to be different lengths. Typically, functional LLDs are caused by trauma or a muscular imbalance/tension in the hip flexor complex, low back and/or gluteal region. Mild asymptomatic LLDs are very common and don’t require treatment. However, when there…Continue Reading
This week we caught up with the New Zealand non government funded high performance Triathlon team at their training base in Boulder. Dylan McNiece, Carl Read, Cameron Brown and myself discuss how they’re preparing for Kona. It’s all about marginal gains!   Pic and Filming: Korupt Vision