Weather: Cloudy, 49% Humidity, 35km/h Wind.

Course: 1 lap sea swim, 1 lap cycle out and back, 3 lap out and back run.

Prize purse: US$100,000

Jan Frodeno (DEU)

  • $1.05 – German powerhouse, has a habit of winning big races seemingly effortlessly. Only a stray stroller on Jumeriah Beach could possibly derail this thoroughbred on a firm and fast track. He subsists on a high quality diet of only the best grass fed beef which has helped him prepare for the task of winning the first race of three in the Tripple Crown challenge. Don’t worry, no one else knows exactly what the remaining two races are.

Terenzo Bozzone (NZL)

  • $1.65 – Raised in a stable out of Auckland, New Zealand. Defending champion from 2015, like the Allies, is a threat to the German favourite. History could repeat if he’s in a hotel with a healthy buffet. Should be easy to spot in his bright red Bahrain Endurance race suit. Strong over 86km on the bike, will be interesting to see if he can step up to the full 90km course this time.

Bart Aernouts (BEL)

  • $2.50 – The fleet footed Belgium thrives on a fast course and finishes well. Despite being named after a cartoon character, this guy is no joke. Proven bike/runner. Has difficulty staying up late watching Netflix, sleeping in and consequently missing swim training. If the swim is cancelled or reduced, he’s a real chance, otherwise avoid following the live updates until later in the race.

Josh Amberger (AUS)

  • $8.00 – The swim sensation from down under will be in the mix from the get go. Pulled up lame in his last few races and narrowly avoided being turned into pet food. Comes from the highly successful Cliff English stable, races with confidence out front. Expect to see him with Frodeno and Bozzone on the bike. Most probable athlete to attack the bike. If this doesn’t stick, look to see him at a cafe along the Arabian sea waterfront drinking a flat white.

Sam Appleton (AUS)

  • $100 – On the start list, but shows up as in Kona, HI when searched for on Tinder. Currently on a Purple Patch team camp. Clearly not racing, so would be difficult to win. Put your money on this athlete if you’re due to be audited and haven’t been entirely truthful with your income.