The race:  I heard New Jersey was a tropical paradise so wanted to check it out. I also wanted to salvage a good race before shutting down the US season for 2014. This would be my third 70.3 in five weeks, but I had recovered well after World 70.3 Champs two weeks earlier.

The players: The main players were Jesse Thomas (USA), Jordan Rapp (USA), Victor Zyemtzev (UKR), Sam Douglas (AUS), Drew Scott (USA) and uber biker David Kahn (USA). Being a $15,000 total prize pool race, which is the lowest tier of 70.3’s, every place counts if you want to be in the money. This race was likely going to be decided on the bike as there was more than enough horse power to shake the field up.

The outcome: I had a good swim and exited in the main bunch. I wanted to ride hard to make it harder for Rapp and Thomas to bridge the gap. Despite good intentions, both had caught up the 90’s gap by mile 15. After a short face palm, the selection of Rapp, Thomas, myself and Zyemtsev has been made. Rapp started dropping bombs, and Thomas countered. Zyemtsev and myself held on for dear life. Everntually I got ejected at around 37miles and haemorrhaged 3mins to the group of the final 19miles. I ran ok for a 1:16 but was unable to make any in roads to the boys ahead. Im on a much needed break now, heading out to Kona to film a new series of Cupcakes with Cal. 
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